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(not ah raj AHS anna)

King of Dancers

Build on Vrksasana with Natarajasana.  This posture improves confidence and balance.  It also opens and stretches tight shoulders and ribcage



(vrik SHAHS anna)


Vrksasana improves balance and patience.  Mastering the simple Tree posture will build to more complex balancing postures.



Ananda Balasana

(ahn anda BAH LAS anna)

Happy Baby

In the spirit of Spring and rebirth, we focus on Happy Baby.   If your hands dont reach your feet, loop a strap or towel over the arch of each foot.  Try to bring the knees to the armpits.

  • calming to the mind
  • eases fatigue
  • stretches hips & hamstrings
  • re-aligns the spine



Virabhadrasana II

(veer ah bah DRAHS anna)

Warrior II

Flow with the winds of March in Vira 2.   Stand with balance in your feet and ease in the shoulders for this one.  Stretch from side to side.  March is coming in like a lion and should leave like a lamb.  Begin this posture with energy, and end with quiet stillness.


Adho Mukha Svanasana

(AH doh MOO kah shvah NAS anna)

Downward Facing Dog

Use this as a resting pose.  Rest in Downward Facing Dog during vinyasa or sun salutations.  You are allowed to bend your knees.

  • eases tight shoulders
  • stretches lower back and hamstrings
  • calms the brain
  • helps high blood pressure, sciatica and flat feet


Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

(SET too BAHN dah sar van GAHS anna)

easy bridge pose

This is one of Yoga’s chill pills.  It calms, massages, and stretches at the same time.  Use to relieve lower back pain.  The key is to slowly lower the back, vertebrae by vertebrae.  Pay extra attention to the lower back.

  • stress reducer
  • spine/neck stretch
  • stimulates thyroid and lungs
  • relieves back pain, head aches, and insomnia


Baddha Konasana

(BAH dah   cone AHS anna)

cobbler pose

Getting comfy for a meditation can be difficult.  Hit a short Baddha Konasana in preparation for your meditation.

  • helps to release hips and inner thighs
  • soothes sciatica
  • stimulates the urinary, circulatory and digestive systems



(bah LAHS anna)

child’s pose

Use a block to support the head for deeper relaxation.

  • reduces stress
  • gently stretches hips, spine and neck
  • relieves neck and back pain



(sim HAHS anna)

Lion Pose

Sometimes Yoga gets to serious.  This pose will make you laugh and feel silly.  The deep concentration used in asanas can tense and contort your face.  Laughter is some of the best medicine you can find.

Use Simhasana to :

  • relieve stressed faces
  • tone neck muscles
  • chase off colds and cancers



fire log pose

Practice the Fire Log pose to achieve half or full lotus.  Prepare for this pose with baddha konasana and follow up with paschimottanasana.

It will also help with:

  • stress
  • low back pain
  • tight hip muscles


Viparita Karani

(vip par ee tah car AHN ee)

Legs-Up-the-Wall pose

This asana is known as the cure-all.  It will help everything from migraines to foot aches.

  • stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • relieves lower back pain
  • eases anxiety
  • gently stretches hamstrings


Janu SirsasanaFebruary Asana

(JAH-new shear-SHAHS-ana)

head-to-knee pose

This pose stretches and stimulates.  Use it to deep the breath.


  • calms the brain
  • relieves mild depression
  • stimulates liver and kidneys
  • improves digestion



(shah VAHS ana)

Corpse Pose

Use this pose to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Savasana allows the mind to scan the body, searching for muscular tension.


  • relieves stress, fatigue, insomnia and headache
  • lowers blood pressure

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