The downfall of John Friend

You have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the John Friend Scandal.  Lots of accusations have been hurled.  Illegal drug use, sexual relations with married instructors, and even leading a wiccan coven are a few of the things he is being accused of.  There has been a lot of finger-pointing, name-calling, and downright abandonment.

Followers of Anusara are now questioning the guru and his teachings.  Its obvious Mr. Friend has made some big mistakes.  He has admitted to these mistakes.  John Friend has stepped down from his position as leader.  According to Friend, he is taking a step back for self reflection and professional counceling.  This guru is coming to terms with his demons.  He is leading by example.  A good guru leads by example.

We all have demons, no one is perfect, not even a guru.  Now, we must look into ourselves.  John is rethinking his next steps. What are our next steps as students? Should we abandon Anusara and John Friend? Can we learn from his mistakes? The decision is yours.  Before you decide, meditate on this.  To err is human, to forgive is divine.

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