New Year’s Resolutions Now!

Start next year’s New Year’s Resolution early.  A good health regime is always in the list of resolutions.  With this quick 10 minute routine you will keep this resolution.  How? Yoga.    September is National Yoga Month and it’s almost over.  Its the perfect time to start and it’s not too late.

The Sun Salutation is the oldest morning/evening exercise regime.  These simple movements stretch the body and boost energy.  The best thing is that it is for everyone, every level.  You set the pace.  There are many different variations of Surya Namaskara.  Some are very elaborate and rigorous, and there are some that flow gently and easily.    Explore them and find which one works for you.

The name doesn’t make it sound like its a short 10 minute deal, but it is.  Some yogis practice this for hours.  Moving through one Sun Salutation set will take about 5-7 minutes.One complete set is all that is needed to reap the benefits.  Go through all the postures beginning with the left foot.  Then repeating using the right foot.  This is a complete set.

What do you do with the other 3 to 5 minutes? Quiet time.  Yes, grown ups need quiet time, too.  Stand completely still and silent for one minute preceeding Surya Namaskara.  This is the mini meditation of the yoga practice. For the last 2 minutes following your Sun Salutation sit or stand perfectly still and silent.

Cardio, stretching, weight-bearing repetitions, and ease of mind all in 10 minutes.  If its so easy then why start this resolution early?  Resolutions are life changes, life changes take time to stick.  Give yourself a few months to let it stick.  Do all the ‘falling off the wagon’ in the passing year. When New Years Eve rolls around you will have this down pat.


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