TYC is the place to be!

TYC was where its at this weekend!  Lots of yogis, lots of buddies, lots of goodies, and lots of Yoga is what you got.  If they could have camped outside the doors of the Jarebeck Athletic Center they would have.

It is a great experience to be surrounded by the Yoga community.  Everyone is happy and looking for the same thing. Yoga.  People were teaching and learning and sharing.  Anyone that attended the TYC has an open invitation to join The Teachers’ Circle.  Teachers were learning, students were teaching, and everyone was united.  It was full of “good juice” as my teacher would say.

There were a bunch of classes.  You could never go to all of them.  It started with Dana Flynn’s Revival.  Many yoga classes dont cover much chanting.  This Revival inspires the yogi to chant more.  Saturday was Julie Downey’s Shoulder Funtional.  She gave us great moves and tips on caring for the rotator cuff.  On the final day Duncan Wong broke down bandhas and a flow with an archer variation.  He is an expert on bandhas and he’s got the abs to prove it.  You should have been there.

To sum it up, TYC unites yogis.  A mix of good vibes, good people, and good information makes for good juice.  The schedule of all the classes and teachers is still posted at http://www.texasyogaconference.com/ If you didn’t get to go or just missed out on some stuff go find them online.  You may be able to track them down and get in for a class.  Many of the teachers are in Houston.

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