New Moves on the Block!

The new moves on the block that Dana Flynn gives us are SUPER! I always leager to see the new vids she puts on Yoga Journal’s Nectar blog. She uses the forgotten, gem of a prop known as the block. In lots of studios and practices the block is highly underrated and underutilized. Many yogis dont even believe in props. “The ancient yogis never used them! Why should we?” We arent ancient yogis. Props can be the answer to the pose you just cant get. I believe in props. Mostly, I believe that proper usage of props can deepen your understanding of a pose.

I’m raving about Miss Flynn’s new moves because they are perfect examples of this. She uses 2 blocks in Downward Dog. Placing one block under each hand easing the stress on the back and head. When transitioning from Downward Dog to a lunge, use one block under each hand. It can be tricky trying to pull your leg forward and in front of you. If only there was a little more space between you and the mat to fit. Viola! Using a block under each hand gets you there. Once you’re there you can improve. You may never have been able to transition from Downward Dog into a lunge. Now that you can, practice. Practice makes perfect.

Re-examine your routine. Are there any other ways blocks can help you? Check out Dana Flynn’s new video on Yoga Journal’s Nectar Blog. If there are blocks in your local studio, use them. Get some new moves on the block.

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