Meditation Medication

Get your dose. Freezing temperatures have many of us locked in our homes. We worry about icy roads, bursting pipes and catching colds. This makes many yogis slack on their usual regimen. We can’t get to our usual class so we don’t practice at all; a valid argument. There is a simple solution: meditation. Meditation is often forgotten in the usual routine, or so it may seem. Running through the asanas with a good breath is light meditation. We may not realize it, but it is. The concentration you use to connect the movement with your breath is meditation. Meditation medication! Let us all take this time of hibernation to look inward, to find an intention and go with it! If you have never tried meditation this would be the best time to start. If you have been matching breath with movement then you have already been doing it. Now deepen your practice, take that concentration to a new level with meditation.

Meditation Medication. I call it that because it acts like a medication. Doctors do prescribe it. Medicine for the brain, for the spirit. All of our mental/spiritual batteries need a juicing now and then. This is why we get withdrawals from missing practice. The weather has me hibernating, missing my classes, missing the usual routine. A sluggishness, overeating, and agitation is what I feel when I am missing practice. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. A healthy body holds a healthy mind. The chicken or the egg, right? Actually both. It’s a downer when you get a cold. You can’t do all the good stuff you like. It’s no fun. Unhealthy body makes for an uneasy mind and that goes both ways. If you have a lot of stress in your life you are more likely to get sick. Uneasy mind makes unhealthy body. Stretch the mind (and the body a little bit) and do some meditation.

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