New Years Resolutions vs. Habits

January is coming to a close.  The New Year’s resolutions you’ve made seem to end at the same time, if they ever began.  New Year’s resolutions always have one thing in common: they fail.  The bad habits of the past usually win the battle.  Many people do not even make resolutions anymore.

What is the solution to the resolutions?  Don’t make them.  Instead pick up good habits –  you will pick up habits anyway.  Habits are easy to form and hard to break.  Use this to your advantage.  Make your habits healthy and the work is done for you.  Can’t break the habit of craving pizza?  Tack on the habit of eating a salad with it.  Can’t break the habit of sleeping in?  Tack on 5 minutes of morning meditation with that slow crawl out of bed.

Instead of adding Yoga to your list of New Year’s resolutions, add it to your list of habits.  You may crave the relaxation of a good yoga class as much as the food you eat afterwards.  Work in a good habit to pair with the bad habits.  You can still have the satisfaction of the bad habit.  By adding the good habit you will be free from the stress-causing guilt of the bad habit.  The next thing you know you are living a less stressed life in 2011!  No resolutions got you that. Thank the habits of your life.  Not all habits are bad. Pick up some good habits this year.

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