A good one to practice

Eagle.  This is one of the looks-tricky-but-isnt postures of yoga.  We practice this one with ease in my YogaSit class.  Eagle is good for coordination and balance. If you are not flexible enough then it might be hard to fully achieve this asana.  Start praciting this asana with the modifications of YogaSit.  First, sit down.  Next, cross your right leg over the left, the tighter the better.  You should try to snake your right foot around your left ankle.  Then the arms, left arm extends out in front of  you, palms up.  Extend your right arm over your left and then bend both together.  Snake your left hand around your right wrist.  Continue to twist your limbs around each other.  Do like the animals do.  They call it eagle, I feel more like a snake.

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